by Mahtie Bush

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This EP entitled "PEACE" is heavily influenced by what is going on in today's society from race, war, and politics to personal struggles. It is a project that sampled the great Bob Marley and has no profanity in the music.


released September 29, 2016

4 of the 5 tracks are produced by: Mahtie Bush
"Fire" produced by Syzmik




Mahtie Bush California

Mahtie Bush's music content tends to reflect his childhood memories of being in Foster Care, witnessing drug abuse and struggling to “make it”. He also makes sure that his Bboying (breaking) roots are strongly represented in his content and beat selection. Bush’s sophomore album “Child’s Play” and a collaboration EP will also be released late 2014. ... more

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Track Name: FIRE
Forgive us lord for we do not know what we doing
Got bombings on the Gaza Strip turning buildings into ruins

Fatalities of infant children turning families to dust
Lifeless bodies being Haled out/who do we trust?

Where do we go when churches are shot up boys are touched
Is it effecting you yet? Have I said too much?

Am I/playing both sides cuz I don't know how to be
Am I/disrespectful if I have to take a knee?

When all I wanna do is make sure my son has a home
Just making sure that my brother ain't in a foster home

All I wanna do is make sure my story is told
You think your swaying my opinion or decisions on my goals? No

My eyes opened wide thanks to my brother old ghost
So It's/gonna take more than just a Facebook post

And we/might not agree on certain things but I know
That if we make it through the flames then things will change for us both

These oil fields are on (fire)
Cops with they guns screaming (fire)
They be setting churches on (fire)
And We entertained by the (fire)

Verse 2
The media has got you fooled entertainment isn't news
They pushing gossip on us all and we be the first to view

When a mother on meadow view became innocent bystander
But I don't see not one reporter or a news camera

I can't lie and say that I have all the answers
But I still think the meat we eat is pumped full of cancer

See I still think the medicine we drink isn't working
Before the social media these cats have been lurking

Cameras on street corners looking on your block
You've been recorded thanks to microphones at bus stops

What is wrong with us? Why are we out of our minds?
Destroying a reservation building up these pipelines

But they barely talk about it and it's on our own land
See that's the kinda stuff Im not/ gonna understand

FEMA coffins are waiting while we rioting and looting
Closed doors they don't want us to know what they doing
Track Name: No More Trouble
Live Facebook feeds of a man dying from a bullet
A cop panicking a girlfriend asking why did you pull it?

A football star refusing to stand up during the anthem
While a candidate thinks building a wall is the answer

Deploying army reserves after elections looks suspicious
illegal emails have been deleted and gone missing

Illegal choke holds while screaming I can't breath
While Brock Turner gets away with sexual assault felonies

Domestic terrorism never in question with patriotism
Meanwhile half of my skin color fills up the prisons

Turning drug addicts into killers instead of rehabilitation
But god damn I love this nation

We are built on Ancient burial grounds of native Americans
Putting slave owners on our money while being so arrogant

Going to Rio and repping the USA making false claims
My hands across my heart cuz I'm ashamed

Verse 2

Our swag our slang our style our natural ways
Our music our leaders and no one is privileged from what you say

Ok I get it
We suppose to just agree and nod
You ain't picking peaches but we taking up all the jobs

You got some nerve Uncle Sam wants a Uncle Tom
Wanting me to scream uncle and I'm screaming naw!

You more afraid of peace/there's no more John Lennon
I'm yelling bob Marley you screaming San Quentin

You created the word nigga now it's just our Slang
You rather have us strung out speaking on whips and chains

Double meaning if you see it? then your eyes open
believe half of what you see and remain focus

We so close to understanding shit/ we ain't hopeless
They know it's true that why they killing us in the open

You should be thankful we ain't asking for revenge
Got refugees ducking air strikes at the age of 10